About Us

About Us

Summit Cosmetics Europe is specialized in the distribution of raw materials for the Cosmetic Industry with an headquarter in Paris and sales offices in Germany.

Our expertise relies on the confidence of our partners, suppliers and customers which know the requirements of a profession where the performances need to remain sustainable.

To satisfy our customers, Summit Cosmetics Europe has a team with scientific background which can communicate easily with the formulators and meet their needs. Inside the headquater, an application lab allow a technical assistance and develop innovative formulas..

We can offer a complete portfolio of cosmetics ingredients which meet the global trends due to our close partnership with our suppliers. We aim to optimize our product range according to the different European and international regulations and to distribute raw materials that comply with the REACH Directive.

Our logistic platform allows us to respond quickly to most customers’ needs.

Summit Cosmetics Europe gives a special attention to sustainability; we entered in the Ecovadis system in 2016 and were awarded of the Platinum medal in 2021 & 2022. We are also attentive to certifications and standards related to the raw materials we offer, such as COSMOSRSPO or the ISO 16128 standard which we have been advocating to our suppliers since its publication in 2017.

Accuracy and traceability are our constant concerns in the document management and the tracking of goods.

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